Participating Organizations

South Fulton Tennis Association

United States Tennis Association

Participating ORR Churches

Cascade United Methodist Church

Enon Church

Friendship Community Church

 Participating ORR Comunity Organization

The mission of the Overground RR!! Tennis Society is to increase the involvement of Blacks in all aspects of amateur and professional tennis.

The primary means of furthering the mission is to develop partnerships with companies, organizations and governmental agencies involved and/or interested in tennis.  The Society connects them into Overground RR!! Church Stations promoting the sport, teams, trainers, coaches, as well as local, state and national associations.  This becomes a part of each church’s ministry enriching the membership experience and outreach to the community. 

The Society carries out the mission by identifying individuals, organizations and/or governmental agencies involved with tennis.  The Society will promote baseball by providing media and technological platforms, connecting them into Overground RR!! Church Stations, supporting tennis, as well as organizing, conducting and promoting meetings and events for the Tennis Society.