The mission of the Overground RR!! Health Society is to enhance the health of the Black community.

The primary means of furthering the mission is to develop partnerships with individual, companies, organizations and governmental agencies involved providing health care and insurance.  The Society connects them into Overground RR!! Church Stations.  This becomes a part of each church’s ministry enriching the membership experience and outreach to the community. 

The Society carries out the mission by identifying individuals, organizations and/or governmental agencies involved with providing medical care and insurance.  The Society will promote the medical and insurance providers with media and technological platforms, connecting them into Overground RR!! Church Stations, supporting the medical and insurance, as well as organizing, conducting and promoting meetings and events for the Health Society.

This page will feature activities of the health ministries of Overground RR!! Church Stations, Overground RR!! health organizations, and sponsors.

Overground RR!! Conductor of the The Enon Church, Pastor Dr. Gregory Pollard and its Cancer Care Ministry gave an outstanding cancer program for their Sunday, October 18, 2020 Worship Service.

The Overground RR!! encourages everyone to watch it.  It is a treasure of information and inspiration.